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Georgia Aquarium | Deep dive into an underwater adventure

Located at the heart of Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums with interactive activities, permanent and temporary exhibits, and over 10,000 animals. The aquarium has reinvented itself over the years with some crowd-favorites like the Dolphin encounter and the immersive Shark and Ray Interaction. On this page, we delve into your Georgia Aquarium ticket options, tips to plan your visit, highlights to look out for, & more!

Finding your way around the Georgia Aquarium tickets guide

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  2. Things to know before booking your Georgia Aquarium tickets
  3. Aquarium zones
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  5. Must-try experiences
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  7. Plan your visit
  8. Frequently asked questions about Georgia Aquarium

Things to know before booking your Georgia Aquarium tickets

Here’s all you need to know to help you swim through booking your Georgia Aquarium tickets and make sure there are smooth waters ahead!

  • Georgia Aquarium offers a number of special experiences like swims and dives with marine life, animal encounters and more. Consider whether you want to add any special experiences to your visit beforehand since these might require separate tickets and can sell out quickly.
  • Before booking your tickets, take a look at the aquarium’s events calendar for events or exhibitions that might make your visit a little more special.
  • The aquarium is accessible to guests with disabilities. Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but you can also bring your own. 
  • Golf carts are also available on a first-come first-served basis to take you to and from the Aquarium’s parking deck.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes to the aquarium as there is a lot of ground to cover. Carry your swimsuits and a change of clothes if you plan on participating in any of the special activities that involve you getting wet.

Plan Your Visit to Georgia Aquarium

Getting there
Rules & safety information
Visitor tips
Things to do nearby
Georgia aquarium hours

Georgia Aquarium
  • The aquarium is wheelchair accessible and wheelchairs are available here on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Head to Level 3 of the Aquarium Parking Deck for accessible parking.
  • There are designated wheelchair emblems on the floor for unblocked access to exhibit windows.
  • Audio tours and closed captioning devices are available.
  • The aquarium has low-sensory hours each day until 10am for those on the spectrum. You can also head over to the Wilkins Rhodes Sensory Room to recharge if you feel overstimulated.
  • Guide dogs, service dogs and working dogs in training are permitted inside.
georgia aquarium facilities
  • The Southwest Lounge is available for the visitors to relax in.
  • Mobile device charging stations are available at Georgia Aquarium.
  • Free WiFi is available for the visitors of the Georgia Aquarium.
  • You can print and collect your pictures with custom backgrounds from the kiosks before leaving the Georgia Aquarium.
  • Georgia Aquarium is stroller and wheelchair accessible.
  • A Lost & Found facility is available at Georgia Aquarium.
  • Located between the Tropical Diver and Ocean Voyager is the First Aid room serviced by Piedmont Hospital staff.
  • Private nursing and pumping rooms are available inside Georgia Aquarium.
aquarium in georgia
  • You aren’t allowed to bring outside food into Georgia Aquarium. Each aquatic animal has its own dietary restrictions so don’t try to sneak in a snack to your marine friends.
  • Make sure you don’t reach out to pet any marine animals without proper guidance from tour guides. This will ensure a pleasant experience for you and the animals.
  • Try not to startle the marine animals by yelling at them to catch their eye. Being gentle is the best way to get their attention.
  • The use of camera flash in the presence of the animals is strictly prohibited.
  • The marine animals at Georgia Aquarium are handled by trained staff. As long as you’re following your guide’s instructions, you can enjoy your time at the aquarium without being scared of the animals.
  • Weapons are strictly prohibited inside the Georgia Aquarium premises.
Georgia Aquarium

Coastline Café

Your swims and aquatic adventure is bound to leave you famished. Head over to the Coastline Café at the upper level of the Georgia Aquarium to refuel for the rest of your marine encounters. Get your hands on some comfort food including their popular homemade chicken tenders and fries. You also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Open hours:
Monday-Wednesday: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Thursday-Sunday: 8:30am to 7:30pm

Georgia Aquarium

Step into the deep-sea wonderland that the Georgia Aquarium Gift Shop is to take home a piece of merchandise to remember your aquatic adventures by. Pick up one-of-a-kind art by the creative residents of the aquarium including paintings by dolphins, beluga whales and penguins. You can also buy yourself marine animal-themed mugs, sweatshirts and many more such knick-knacks.

Georgia Aquarium
  • Plan to arrive early in the day, especially if you visit on a weekend or holiday. Mornings are typically less crowded, giving you a more relaxed experience and better views of marine animals at popular exhibits.
  • Check the schedule for shows and feeding times once you arrive or on the website beforehand to be able to take part in special events like Haunted Seas during Halloween and make the most of your visit.
  • Consider booking special experiences like animal encounters or behind-the-scenes tours for a more in-depth look at the aquarium's operations and some up-close time with the aquatic life.
  • Remember that outside food and drinks aren't allowed, so plan to eat before your visit or purchase food at the on-site café.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to hydrate!
Georgia Aquarium
  • World of Coca-Cola: Walk over to this attraction next door to Georgia Aquarium that takes you through the history of the iconic beverage brand. Sample Coca-Cola beverages from around the world.
  • Centennial Olympic Park: This 2-acre greenspace is a public park in the center of a thriving tourist district in downtown Atlanta. It serves as Georgia’s legacy of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.
  • Children's Museum of Atlanta: One of four children's museums in Georgia, this museum is a great place to spend an afternoon with your children letting them learn and create all while having loads of fun!
  • Original Selfie Museum: Don’t miss out on this extremely Instagrammable attraction in Atlanta that is designed to make your photos and videos as unique as they can get.

Frequently asked questions about Georgia Aquarium tickets

Do I have to make reservations for any shows and activities?

Some shows like the dolphin and sea lion presentations require reservations on the day of your visit and you will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I reenter the aquarium with the same ticket?

Get your ticket stamped at the Information desk to exit and reenter the aquarium during your visit.

Can I cancel my tickets to Georgia Aquarium?

Yes, you can cancel your Georgia Aquarium tickets up to 24 hours before the scheduled date.

Where is Georgia Aquarium?

Georgia Aquarium is located across from Centennial Olympic Park. The parking deck is accessible via Luckie Street or Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd.

How long should I spend at Georgia Aquarium?

Keep aside 4 hours for your visit to Georgia Aquarium to include featured exhibits and activities with the marine animals.

Are there any clothing restrictions?

Stilettos are not allowed inside the aquarium. Apart from that, it is suggested that you wear walking or running shoes to accommodate all the walking you will have to do inside. Also carry a swimsuit and change of clothes if you plan on taking part in the water activities.

Can I bring my pet to the aquarium?

While service dogs are allowed inside the aquarium, pets are not.

Which animals can I see at the aquarium?

Georgia Aquarium has sea lions, sharks, penguins, beluga whales, sea otters, dolphins, seals, rays, and many others.